Testimonials to Learn Spanish

Fun and engaging

"It's a great class as well as a fun learning experience to learn Spanish" -- Nancy

8th Graders loved the class!

"I wanted to thank you for the stimulating trio of activities you offered our students. It was amazing to see their interaction and how they loved each activity. You captured their attention and motivated them to do it, regardless of their ability, timidity or inhibitions. It was a great lesson for us as teachers to see how you orchestrated each part of each task. A good pedagogical lesson that reminds us language is best taught naturally, not just from a book or paper. The students were very happy with your efforts and said they definitely would do it again. They also insisted I keep this activity in the future. It was most fortunate we found you. Thank you so much. I wish you every success in the future!" Roseceil R.

Fantastic Instructor

"The instructor was fantastic, informative and entertaining. I am looking forward to returning for my second class. I would highly recommend this program." 


Great eight weeks!

"It was an awesome 8 week class and I definitely improved my conversational level! Great energy after a long day at work! Great way to learn Spanish in New Haven.

Chris B.

Conversational level

I learned more in my 8 weeks at SOTG than I have while studying in college!  I'm now at a conversational level of Spanish, which is what I needed!